A. Vivaldi – Concerto Grosso Op.3 No.8 EuroQuartet

Antonio Vivaldi – Concerto Grosso Op.3 No.8 EuroQuartet Barcelona

EuroQuartet Barcelona likes very much to work with other musicians. We present you a majestic interpretation from a fragment of the 3rd movement of the Concerto Grosso for two violins and orchestra composed by Antonio Vivaldi. Our first violin, Piotr, is interpreting one of the main roles, with one of our most frequent partners, Olga Jeczmyk, which in this case is the head of second violins and the soloist. The peculiarity of this fragment is that the leading role is not the first violin as it is usual. We can appreciate that Olga, the second violin, is the one who is in control with a difficult accompaniment of Piotr followed by Luca Ceruti our viola and Jakub Jeczmyk, cello who is also one of our most frequent partners. We invite you to discover this musical jewel played by these great musicians.