Llongueras and EuroQuartet Barcelona

A couple of years ago we have received a very interesting proposal. It was also one of the most unusual and fascinating EuroQuartet Barcelona’s concerts. The performance took place at the “Caja Madrid” concert hall in Plaça Catalunya (Barcelona). The concert was together with the famous hairstylist Lluís Llongueras and the subject was “The Beatles analyzed by the artists”. Llongueras was a real fan and a true expert of the Liverpool quartet. He commented by microphone one to one the pieces of The Beatles which were performed by EuroQuartet Barcelona with a special string quartet arrangement. With seating capacity completely, the four musicians played very well the full repertoire of The Beatles: since 1963 with the Beatles-passion, until to the hippy-psychedelic era with songs as for example “Lucy in the sky” or “Sgt. Pepper” between one song and another. Llongueras has explained and commented briefly each song with the evident enthusiasm of the public. It was a really fun concert that left everyone wanting more. We take this opportunity to greet Llongueras and his elegant wife which were very nice and attentive with us.