EuroQuartet Barcelona meets PHILIP GLASS

Philip Glass y EuroQuartet Barcelona

On April 27 EQ BCN members had the opportunity to attend the “Philip Glass Band” sound proof because of their European tour, which was also presented in Barcelona. The event took place at the Palau de la Música Catalana. It was a great chance to know maestro Philipp Glass in person. He is one of the main figures of the minimalist music style that still dominates a good part of American music. Glass is also a composer who is a point of reference for many contemporary artists. This is why EQ BCN could not miss the appointment.

The “Philip Glass Band” was formed by three wind instrumentalists including saxophones and flutes with two keyboard players. Even Glass was playing with them. We loved the photo shoot with the great musician and minimalist composer. We also had the time to talk about our string quartet musical tastes and preferences. Glass advised us to discover one of his favourite works, “String Quartet No.5”! So we will follow his advice and we will work on very soon!

There was another surprise: Linda, one of his keyboard players had given us the scores for a String Quartet that she wrote by herself. How exciting it was! It was very nice to feel that she was also interested in EQ BCN.

After the photo shoot, the chat and the autographs we share with you some of our pictures. It was a memorable weekend.